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Everything, All At Once: Fiction and poetry from 30 of Australia’s best writers under 30


Next gen.

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November 2021












Short stories and poetry


Emerging writers



A vibrant and essential collection that celebrates the future of Australian writing

Endless sunshine bleaches the curtains and wears the nerves of a woman stuck inside. A chance encounter with a stranger changes the course of a life in small but significant ways. An imagined audience drives people to the extreme. A young woman wrestles with inheritance and loss.


Compiled from the winning entries of the 2021 Ultimo Prize, this collection represents Australia’s next generation of literary talent. Their work is forward-thinking and provocative, exciting and surprising. Beautifully designed by George Saad, Everything, All At Once is populated with characters seeking comfort and connection in an uncertain world.


Cherie Baird, Alice Bellette, Aishah Maryam David, Josie/Jocelyn Deane, Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn, Amy Duong, Gavin Yuan Gao, Madeleine Gray, Vivien Heng, Natasha Hertanto, Matilda Howard, Franklyn Hudson, Gurmeet Kaur, Robert Juan Kennard, Andy Kovacic, Jennifer Nguyen, Ismene Panaretos, Georgia Rose Phillips, Jamaya Plackowski, Quanita, Seth Robinson, Shane Scriven, Charlotte Snedden, Coco Stallman, Lora Subotic, Amy Taylor, Sebastian Winter, Dženana Vucic, Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou and Amelia Zhou.


‘This volume is an exquisite gift for the young writer, and a necessary read for those interested in what the future of Australian literature has to offer.’

Maxine Beneba Clarke, author of Foreign Soil and The Hate Race

‘Read it and weep (over how good it is).’


‘there’s only one way to absorb this brilliant volume: by taking in Everything, All At Once.’


‘It is extremely difficult to pinpoint favourites in such an immensely polished, refreshing and provocative collection of work. I was impressed by how well the pieces complement one another and move together, with no one piece vying for more attention... Days after finishing, I can still recall individual stories and poems.’

Aniko Press

‘These young writers recognise the nutrient-rich chord that binds a sense of identity to the world around us, and the collection provides a tiny glimpse into the many ways that, in creating our authentic selves, we really do need to consider everything, all at once.’

Opus Magazine

About the Ultimo Prize

The Ultimo Prize aims to discover the best emerging writers in Australia. The 2021 Ultimo Prize focused on fiction and poetry by authors under the age of 30 writing on the subject of identity. The fiction category was judged by Shankari Chandran, author of the forthcoming Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens. The poetry category was judged by Claire G. Coleman, author of Lies, Damned Lies.


The 2022 Ultimo Prize focus and theme will be announced in late 2021.